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Want to Extend the Life of Your Printer? These 11 Ways Will Work Wonders!

With such vast numbers of parts that are constantly in moving condition and chances of paper jams, it’s a phenomenon that numerous printers keep going as long as they do. Mainly, support professionals commonly dedicate a tiny valuable amount of their time and effort to working on printers.

It isn’t perfect because expensive repair bills can turn out to be in a significant total rapidly. Furthermore, replacing the used ones with the new ones before their time is a costly attempt.

A tiny amount of effort will extend any printer’s life. In this case, underneath, you will find the most straightforward tips that can be applied to any printer and notice the enduring phenomenal performance.

Make Habit to Routinely Clean Inside of The Printer

This is the most straightforward way to extend the printer’s life. A standout amongst other preventive jobs you can do is maintain your printer’s internal parts in the best of their condition. It’s straightforward to do if you remove additional paper dirt or other trash at whatever point you open your printer.

You can do this task monthly or more in case your printer is in regular use. To do the cleaning job, you can utilize a can of compressed air to blow the residue and remains outside the printer.

Don’t Use Used, Bent or Torn Paper.

Paper jams usually happen due to damaged papers. Whenever a paper jam occurs, there’s a likelihood that any other thing in the printer tends to break. To stay away from paper jams and other issues, it is highly recommended to utilize papers that aren’t torn, bent, or damaged.

Make A Habit to Use Good Quality Printer Papers

Most people or organizations prefer to buy medium or low-quality printer papers to save some money. But you must be aware that printer papers of these sorts can likewise result in paper jams. However, a reputable brand of 20lb paper is expected to get the job done for maximum printing requirements. To make your printing even better, you should make any case, use 24lb paper.

On the other hand, to enable you to decide what sort of paper you should utilize in your printer, in most cases, printer manufacturers provide minimum paper requirements. In case the printer paper you are using doesn’t fulfil these criteria, the vendor won’t offer any support or guarantee until you utilize the recommended printer paper.

It’s Not A Best Practice to Fan Papers Before Loading

This is a prevalent misinterpretation that fanning a pile of paper before loading in the print tray will not cause paper jams. This isn’t the best practice to do, and you are recommended not to follow this practice. It can build up static electricity via friction between the paper, which results in additional paper jams.

Except if your printer is situated in a high zone regarding humidity, you can load documents without stressing over the pages sticking together.

Keep Papers in A Low Humidity Condition

The papers tend to stick with each other in a high humidity condition, and consequently, paper jams and paper feed errors occur. This is particularly the case with low-end printers or DeskJet printers, based on the fact that their paper-feed systems are not as excellently tuned with regards to separate pages in the paper tray.

Utilize Good Quality Labels

At whatever point a printer is utilized for creating labels, it is recommended to stock it with excellent label stock. This is much more significant than using good quality printer papers because cheap tags can destroy printer parts, such as a platen or fuser. When low-quality titles are loaded by way of a fuser or around a roller, they can pull off the backing paper and be stuck.

This destroys with printer piece because you either need to pull off the labels, which can be an uphill task, or you’re bound to swap the part. In this case, you may also need the service of hp printer repair in Pasadena, CA, in case you have an HP printer and you are located in Pasadena, CA.

The Best Practice Is to Utilize the Straightest Paper Path with Regards to Labels

When loading printer papers, it is best to remove the maximum possible bends in the paper path. For instance, you can utilize the manual feed plate, enabling the labels to feed straightforwardly into the printer without bending. In case the printer has a different paper exit path that removes the tags going around another roller, you should utilize it.

Routinely Swap the Old and Worn Rollers with The New Ones

One of the causes of paper jams is damaged feed rollers. When the rollers have come to an end of their productive life, they’ll have a glassy or slippery surface that results in paper slips. This can either block the paper from being picked up or cause the form to feed imperfectly at the time in the paper path. In laser printers, rollers usually have an expected life that is equivalent to the printer maintenance kit.

In this case, if you replace the rollers at the point you replace the maintenance kit, there shouldn’t be a substantial amount of issues with regards to feeding rollers. On the other hand, in the case of DeskJet and different printers, they don’t usually need a tune-up compared to laser printers. Therefore, you won’t have to change the feed rollers frequently.

The Best Practice Is to Close the Manual Feed Tray While Not Is Use

In case your printer has a manual feed tray with regards to printing labels or legal-size documents, it is best to ensure that it’s shut continuously while not in use. There is a possibility of crashing into the protruding tray and breaking it due to a quick turn of a seat or an unintentional slip.

Replace Parts with Complete Care

You must be aware that printers are produced using breakable materials; therefore, it is recommended to take extra care while replacing the parts or fixing them. This is particularly required when working with covers and cases because the small plastic tabs that hold them are easy to break. In case you wind up applying a lot of power at the time of reassembling a printer, it is better to hold back and look again at how the parts fit together. The chances are higher than the angle you’re utilizing to assemble the details isn’t right, or the pieces don’t work together how you figured they did.

Acquire A Service Manual

If you intend to find out about fixing your specific printer model, you can acquire a service manual. These manuals give broad tips regarding troubleshooting, diagrams, and other valuable repair instructions. At the point of repairing your printer, the manual will create your job a lot simpler.

Contingent upon the sort of repair you’re attempting, you may even have the option to follow step-by-step directions to take care of your specific issue.

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Dawson Barney has been in the printer business for a considerable length of time and has seen a ton of advancement in the after-market industry. At first, he began with hp printer repair in Pasadena, CA. After that, they moved into sales management and was later recruited into the laser printer industry.

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