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Top 10 Healthy Asian Snacks

Asian foods, primarily Chinese foods focus on the “harmony of five flavors.” Each flavor sensation provides enjoyment as well as healthcare and regulative properties. The five flavors are said to prolong life and improve health. Each flavor has a distinct function within the body. The pungent taste can be used to promote blood circulation and kidney function. In addition, it is said to help diffuse any evil influences. Sweet flavors can help regulate positive moods.

Sour tastes play a vital role in regulating digestion. Bitter flavored foods can help enhance eyesight and rid people’s bodies of harmful toxins. Saltiness improves the taste of all the flavors. The following snacks are tasty, encompass all the five flavors and are healthy, too.

1.Majans peas snack – These are a spicy peas snack. This provides a very pungent flavor. Peas are roasted to achieve the dry crunch of these peas. If you are not familiar with wasabi, you are in for a tantalizing taste sensation that combines a very strong flavor with the crispness of roasted peas making this a delicious spicy peas snack.

2.Seaweed Peanuts – Seaweed is a very popular Asian snack. This delicious snack is also very healthy. Dried seaweed tastes salty and has many vitamins and minerals. Peanuts are very high in protein and healthy, unsaturated fats. Paired with peanuts the nutritional value is boosted.

3.Oriental mix –These mix snacks include rice crackers, wasabi peas, sesame sticks, Cajun corn sticks and much more. Tasty, salty and savory are the description that comes to mind while noshing on these mix snacks.

4.Sesame Peanuts – These peanuts are covered in a crunchy sesame coating. The flavors combine salty and sweet.

5. Wasabi Soynut Mix– This nut mix combines honey roasted soy nuts, wasabi peas, wasabi beans, and rice crackers. Spicy a salty all at once, this nut mix is sure to please.

6. Red Rice Sesame Crackers- These crackers are light and very flavorful making these a tasty and healthy choice.

7. Dried Mini Fish- Don’t let the appearance of these little fish turn you away from trying these snacks. This snack is nutritious and comes with flavor enhancements, such as almond-flavored.

8. Mochi – This Asian dessert starts out with sticky rice that is soaked overnight and then cooked. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake. It has less than half the sugar than many desserts making it a healthier dessert option. Mochi can be eaten alone, as a topping for frozen yogurt or cereal. Japanese folklore believes that mocha can help those with anemia as well as weakened immune systems.

9. Dried Squid-This is a much healthier alternative to potato chips. These will remind you of a stringy type of jerky with a strong fish flavor.

10. Salty and Sweet Dried Plums-These dried fruits will take you on a medley of flavor sensations. At first bite, they will taste salty, then sweet, and then end in a strong sour flavor.

Be sure to give some or all of these snacks a try. You may find yourself reaching for these goodies over higher fat and denser calorie choices.

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