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The Best Clothing Combinations for the Transition from Summer into Fall

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end, and although we’ll all miss the sunny afternoons at the beach, it’s time to refresh the wardrobe and find your signature pieces for the next season. Unfortunately, many women struggle to incorporate transitional clothing picks and the latest fashion trends into their everyday look, which is why it’s advisable to check out these outfit combinations that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Layer your clothes like a pro

Layering is undoubtedly one of the best tips for transitioning into fall. Unfortunately, it’s too early for a leather jacket and cosy sweaters, meaning you’ll have to find a new way to keep yourself warm while looking like the best version of yourself. So, don’t put away all your summer dresses just yet because there are a few ways to keep them in your fall rotation.

If you haven’t done it before, try layering a turtleneck under your dress. Or, you can take a short sleeve dress into fall with a buttoned denim shirt and a cosy blazer. Truth be told, the options are endless! Just be sure to create contrasts and try out new colour combinations, and your confidence will be richly rewarded with a complete, stylish look.

Embrace black and white combos

All-black and all-white outfits are definitely in style, but with a bit of effort, you can get the best of both worlds! Black and white combinations are ideal for all occasions, and more importantly, these basic colours look good on everyone.

You can match your high-waisted slacks with a patterned white sleeveless top or put on a white dress and layer it with a black cardigan. A pair of black sandals and a handbag will complete the look, and that’s all you need for the next dinner party or a brunch with friends or family. The power of black and white colors is that we can choose very casual combinations, but on the other side we can make perfect business style  combos  wearing  them. 

Polish your look with a neat skirt suit

If you’re tired of the traditional suits but still want to look professional and embrace the lovely dark academia aesthetics, we have a perfect solution for you! StyleState is now offering breathtaking and voguish skirt and blazer sets ideal for every occasion. Pairing a matching skirt suit with a white top and leather boots will make you look mysterious and elegant, and this combination is undoubtedly one of the best choices for the transition from summer into fall. This transition is a very specific period because we can’t wear the same clothes in the morning and in the evening (temperatures can be very different), so we have to think about more options and solutions. 

Wear your mom jeans with style

Wear your mom jeans with style

If you’re looking for new transitional clothing picks that will refresh your wardrobe, you have to find a comfortable pair of mom jeans. They’re one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans you can find on the market, and more importantly, they’ll probably never go out of style. The good news is that you can pair your mom jeans with cosy sweaters, lace peplum tops, knit tanks, t-shirts or backless blouses. Yet again, the options are endless, but if you really want to make a statement, try pairing them with a floral puff sleeve top and stylish accessories.

Don’t put away your shorts

It’s not too late to wear your favourite pair of denim cutoffs. However, you might want to pair them with a sweater top since the nights are getting colder. If you’re going on an adventure, be sure to put on a pair of sneakers, and if you’re getting ready for a casual dinner with friends, complete this look with a pair of high heels. The pandemic changed some parts of the style and clothing habits, but heels and shoes are always attractive. 


If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, these end of summer transitional pieces are all you need to transform your look. Be sure to find clothes that are both practical and stylish, and you’ll always have versatile combinations to choose from and find the ideal fit for every occasion.

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