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Surfing Cape Town

Cape Town offers you various surf features that are desirable among surfers from various parts of the globe. If you are planning on a holiday surf or a surf sports location, then Cape Town is the place to be. With surfs that work consistently all year round, you cannot miss a point to do your sports without worrying about the season or performance. Garys surf school helps you to locate the best surf beaches in and around Cape Town.

This article will help you to learn what to expect at the various beaches so that you can adequately plan for the surf. Read on to discover why you need to consider Cape Town as your next surf destination. Here are some of the best surf beaches and spots within Cape Town

1. Big Bay

Big Bay is the place where you can enjoy surfing any time of the year with consistent surf. The beach is located in Western Cape between Bloubergstrand and Melkbos. The clean groundswells give you the reliability for a smooth and long surf. But there are also short days when the ride is perfect for beginners who need short rides. Big Bay is an ideal ground for surfers with all skill levels. Even kitesurfers like the beach for its reliability.

Forgot your surf suit? There is no need to worry as you can rent one right at the beach. You can expect the place to be crowded. While surfing, beware of rocks at the place, and the rips that sometimes do happen.

2. Muizenberg

If you are new to Cape Town and surfing, this is an ideal beach to start with. Muizenberg is famous among the most popular surf spots in Cape Town. It is a non-consistent surf point which is an exposed beach break. Ground swells are prevalent with the breaks giving you both lefts and rights. The ground has gentle swells that are ideal for beginner surfers. You can also find Gary’s surf school experts for guided surf.

You can also get your surfboard, wetsuit, and other necessary gear from Gary’s surf school shop right at the beach. Expect the beach to be crowded when the surf is good.

3. Long Beach

This beach offers a highly consistent and sheltered beach break. The consistency makes it a good ground for surfing for various seasons. However, Winter offers you the best surf experience in Long Beach. Located in Cape Peninsula, Long Beach offers clean groundswells with the best experience for left-handers. Since there are no shops at Long Beach, you need to come along with your snacks and accessories.

Being a 40-minute ride from Cape Town center, you can bundle your surfing gear and accessories together, fasten it on your kayak roof rack, and head for the beach. The beach can experience large crowds when the surf is up. You should beware of sharks.

4. Glen Beach

Do you want to experience a real surfing adventure? Then Glen Beach should be your ideal surf destination in Cape Town. The surf here has powerful and hollow waves that are only best for seasoned surfers. Beginners will find a hard time surfing at Glen Beach. Even for experienced surfers on clean waters, you would need to get assistance from Gary’s surf school to help you make it through the waves. Here, groundswells prevail most of the time than the wind swells. The area has rocks and sharks. So, be careful when surfing here to avoid danger even as an expert.

5. Llandudno

For intermediate surfers, Llandudno is the right place to do your sport and advance your skills. Llandudno has beach breaks that suit surfers with intermediate and expert skills. The fairly exposed break experiences more groundswells as compared to wind swells. It is also one of the most attractive surf spots in Cape Town.

But the surf here is not reliably consistent. You can get in touch with Gary’s surf school to confirm if the surf is up. You can also expect to find it crowded when the surf is up. Be careful about sharks. You should also remember to carry your surfboard because the beach does not have board rentals.

6. Scarborough Beach

The Scarborough Beach in Cape Peninsula is another exposed beach break with beautiful views. The beach is located about 48 kilometers (30 miles) from the center of Cape Town. Getting there by a dirt bike should take you a few minutes. The surf is not very consistent, but it is favorable during Summer and Spring. At Scarborough Beach, groundswells are more prevalent than wind swells. During Summer, you can find large crowds doing various activities, including kite surfing and kite flying. You need to be careful because the spot experiences strong rips.


Cape Town offers you many surfing options that you can choose from. With the variation in the time best for surfing, Cape Town is a preferable surf destination all year round. You can contact Gary’s surf school for directions, surfing gear, and surfing lessons on various beaches.

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