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6 Tips To Style Your Boring Outfit

Does this sound familiar? You thought you were buying an attire that would flatter you but instead, over the years, accumulated a number of boring clothes. Or, did you go on a wholesale fashion spree? Fear not! With a few tried and proven tricks of the trade, you can convert any uninteresting outfit into something splendid.

6 Tips to go from Dull to Glam

A little tweaking here or addition of an extra piece there may just be all you need to look chic in your till now, uninspiring outfit.

1. Give your waist emphasis in a shapeless dress

You may have a shift dress, shapeless sack dress or baggy T-shirt in your closet that you’ve been avoiding for that balloon look it gives you. Well, there’s no need to avoid it anymore. Just cinch it for a more flattering silhouette. Hold the dress in your hand inside out and take a 2-inch section from the middle. Twist only the first layer and make it into a knot. That’s it! Bring the dress back to right side out and you can see the result. To knot a T-shirt perfectly, pull all the excess bottom cloth to one side to make a tail and then knot it.

2. Let that Jacket Hang

Next time, instead of wearing a jacket, drape it over the shoulders and behold for yourself how glamorous it makes you look. The best part is that it costs nothing at all!

3. Do the Half-Tuck

However drab your shirt, transform it by tucking it only halfway! Whether a T-shirt and jeans or a shirt and skirt combo, let half hang above the waistline. Tucked-in is outdated and way too formal, untucked could possibly give out a sloppy appearance. On the other hand, the half tucked-in look provides the perfect mix of sophisticated as well as trendsetting. With or without a sweater, this look definitely works!

4. Invest in some good scarves and tie them differently

A scarf is a great accessory to give any outfit an attractive touch. A handkerchief scarf tied around your neck or a bandana over your hair can give you that stylish edge.

A blanket scarf won’t just warm you up. It can also lend your waist a tidier appearance. A buffalo check print would create an astounding effect.

Use your imagination and try out a vintage or foulard scarf. Cool patterns contribute some excitement to the attire as opposed to playing it safe with plain scarves.
Whether you want to wear it on the go or keep one in your purse, there’s no denying that a scarf is an ultimate accessory.

5. Reinvent those Jeans

Give that pair of jeans an extra dimension by either cuffing or giving it scruffy hem edges. Cuffing is a fantastic way to give your footwear some attention. How you cuff your jeans depends on the type you’re wearing. If baggy jeans put the emphasis on rolling. A messier cuff works well for the bulky, loose fabric. Just roll proximately three times with each cuff at 1 inch.

Don’t press on the cuffs but instead go cylindrical like a roll. The last step is to mess the cuff up because your aim is to not be perfect. If straight leg, stiff denim, make the cuffs smaller (half an inch will do) and only roll twice. Even men can experiment with this and turn their boring baggy jeans into rugged bodybuilding workout clothes.

Cuffing/rolling the sleeves of your shirt breathes new life into an otherwise formal or classic shirt.

Do you have an old pair of jeans that end somewhere between 7/8 and a full length? Polish the grunge look by doing a disorderly cutting off the hems.

6. Accessorize with contrasts

It is common knowledge that the right accessories complete the look. Revamp the boring clothes in your closet with some bold accessory ideas.

If you have a lot of clothes in neutral colors such as navy, camel, gray or black, complement them with bold colored bags and shoes. Think red for example. Ready to go a step further? Let the bag and shoes be two entirely different yet complementary hues.

As well as they may go with petite outfits, mini bags really make a statement when used to complete big, kind of tomboy attire. No loose clothes? Take the mini bag anyway and make sure it is really stylish to give your ensemble a cool look.

Being able to dress in style every day comes with practice and with experimentation to see what suits you and what is a major downer. The ride is definitely worth the fun!

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