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5 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Stop Wearing Makeup Daily

Like many women, you likely spend the majority of your morning preparing yourself for the day to come, and that often involves a long makeup ritual. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if you simply stopped wearing makeup every day?

Bear in mind that letting yourself go natural for a few days doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing makeup altogether. After all, special occasions usually call for a fancier ensemble, including makeup. If you’re scared to embark on a no-makeup movement, you can always start by going lighter to ease yourself into it.

Whatever the reason you choose to stop wearing makeup daily, you’re likely to encounter the following benefits.

1. Your Skin Will Feel Better

Sometimes, your skin simply needs a break. In many people, wearing makeup daily can lead to higher levels of acne and skin irritation. As makeup expert Katey Denno points out, makeup is more harmful than you think.

Harsh chemicals from makeup—including ones the U.S. has failed to ban so far—can be absorbed into the skin. Furthermore, products that claim “pure,” “herbal,” or “natural” don’t always mean they’re better for you since there are no regulations on how companies can use these terms for marketing.

Strip off the makeup, and your skin will thank you.

2. You’ll Gain Confidence

While some women will argue that wearing makeup makes them more confident, others find comfort in ditching it. It’s usually tough at first, and the confidence won’t show right away, but eventually, women start to become more comfortable in their natural skin.

Many women who strip away the makeup feel like they don’t have to worry as much about what they look like, giving them more time to think about other important matters. That’s not to say that women who wear makeup aren’t confident, but if you give it a try for a week or two, you might notice that you feel more comfortable and confident in your natural skin.

3. You’ll Save Time

How much time do you spend on your beauty routine? Half an hour in the morning? An hour? Two? When you decide not to wear makeup for the day, you could sleep in that extra hour or use that time to work on a project you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Ditching the makeup isn’t practical for some women, and it’s not necessarily something all women are ready for, but even if you choose just to leave it off while you’re lazing around at home alone, you’ll start to notice that you have more time for other things.

4. You’ll Start to Appreciate Your Flaws

Do you cover up with makeup to hide your freckles? Or maybe you’re self-conscious of your light eyelashes. When you stop wearing makeup, you start getting used to those flaws, and instead of dying to cover them up, you start appreciating them.

Writer Erin La Rosa testifies of this after going makeup-free for a week. On day six, she admitted that she started appreciating her flaws. Where she used to cover up her freckles with foundation, she now appreciates them as part of who she is. She says looking at them made her happy and “was a relief,” and now, she doesn’t cover them up with foundation.

5. You’ll Realize How Few People Care About Your Makeup

Lots of women can go without makeup, and their boyfriends or husbands won’t even notice. In fact, lots of guys come back and say women look great without makeup. While this won’t be the case with every woman, there will be people who won’t notice, don’t care, or will think you look more confident and sexy without makeup on.

It’s tough at first when you’re still self-conscious about it and are wondering what everyone thinks of you, but as you get more confident in your skin, you’ll realize that no one is giving you funny stares and most people don’t even notice you’re lacking makeup. So, is it worth it to your sleep schedule and your skin if you’re really the only person who notices the little changes?

What do you think? Would you try going without makeup, or is it something you can’t live without? Tell us in the comment section.

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