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Ripped Jeans Outfit Summer

Of all the subjects that have been discussed on this portal, the fittest one that deserves all the attention is on the ripped jeans collection for the summer. Today we will devote all our attention to these ripped jeans for the young girls in summer. So come, let us explore the world of the ripped jeans and glorify this underrated article of fashion that has taken the fashion front by a storm.


The very first model in the list of ripped jeans is seen here wearing faded ripped jeans that are ripped at the knees and are ripped in a big way. The jeans are skin-tight jeans that are above ankle length and are hip-hugging jeans. The top is a sleeveless top with strapped shoulders that look like a sundress but a bit long. The top is a loose-fitting top.

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The other model is seen wearing a pair of faded shredded jeans. The jeans are ripped at one of the knees, the left one to be precise. The jean is grey in color and is faded from the pre-dyed effect. The jeans are above ankle length and are paired with a pair of black strapped sandals. For the top, the girl is wearing a halter top that is sleeveless and is above the waist length. It has broad stips for the shoulders and is giving a sports look to the girl.


This model is seen displaying a pair of blue denim jeans that are shredded as well as ripped at the knees. Care has been taken that the shredding and ripping are done in a square pattern on the jeans. The jean is a tight-fitting jean that is body-hugging for the girl. The jeans hug the girl perfectly at her body all along her shapely legs. For the top, the girl is wearing an olive green color sleeveless top that can be tight-fitting too to the body of the girl.


Here the model is wearing tight black denim jeans that are ripped at several places at the knees and at the thighs. The length of the tight-fitting black jeans is extra-long and is collected at the ankles of the girl in short gathers. For the top, the girl is wearing a crop top without sleeves as the sun is beating down in bright lit daylight out there.


here we have a model wearing baggy jeans. Yes, the baggies are out of fashion nowadays but it looks good for a model to bring back the golden days of the baggy back. The denim jean is ripped off at the thighs and the knees and the denim is quite faded one to the verge of looking light blue in color. The jean is also folded at the bottoms. For the top, she is wearing a white crop top that is sleeveless and has a lot of embroidery square cutwork all over the top.

The baggy jean is held in place with the help of a light brown leather belt with a metallic buckle. The girl is wearing flat bellies that prove that she is a good tall model for the present times. She is also seen carrying a blue colored sling bag over her shoulders as an accessory.

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