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Learn To Cook A Valencian Paella… In Valencia!

Valencia is a city located on the shores of the Spanish Mediterranean, famous for its architecture and lifestyle. Enjoying a vacation in this place is almost mandatory for anyone looking to live a different experience in Spain. Especially, for the opportunity to live a gastronomic experience such as cooking Valencian paella for the first time.

So is. It is no secret to anyone that, at present, the way they travel has changed considerably. The existence of platforms such as Airbnb offers a wide range of possibilities to stay. Others, such as cooking. I offer unique dining experiences. Today we are going to talk about how to learn to cook an authentic paella recipe directly in Valencia.

Getting to know the Valencian paella

The original Paella dish was born in the city in Valencia, made with the native vegetables and meats. Instead, “Paella” means skillet in the Valencian language. It is a typical dish of this Spanish community that presents some variations depending on the region visited.

Cooking Valencian paella is simple but you have to speak a very common mistake. People tend to confuse seafood paella with Valencian paella. The difference focuses on its main ingredient: chicken. Therefore, you must know what the ingredients of an authentic paella recipe are so that you cook a dish perfectly.


To cook a Valencian paella for 4 people, you must have the following ingredients on hand:

  • 400 grams or 2 cups of rice
  • 500 grams of chicken cut into pieces
  • 300 grams of chopped rabbit
  • 200 grams of beans, Tavella, and projet beans.
  • 150 ml of olive oil
  • Fresh Garrafón
  • 2 pear tomatoes
  • Saffron to taste
  • Ground red paprika
  • Salt to taste

As optional ingredients, you can also add the following:

  • Artichoke (in season)
  • Rosemary
  • Snails

Cooking the paella step by step

Initially, pour oil into the center of the cauldron and add salt around the small oil well. Attention: the trick is to add salt every time a new ingredient is added to the pot. Heat the paila over low heat and add the chicken to fry it until it dries. As time progresses, the chicken gradually browns. When we see that the chicken has a slightly golden color, you should add the rabbit and fry it next to the chicken until both are golden enough.

Once the chicken and rabbit are well browned, add the green beans and artichokes. You must fry them for a very short time or they will not lose their flavor. Then, you will add the ground paprika and the grated tomato and stir everything until there is a uniform mixture between the ingredients.

While mixing the ingredients, watch the tomato begin to darken. Once it has an opaque color (not too dark), add the carafe to the pot.

Then, add the water according to the amount of rice you are going to cook. Normally, for 400 grams of rice, there are approximately 1.5 liters of water that you must add before adding the rice. Now, raise the flame to the maximum and let everything boil until the water level drops a little (not much). Finally, pour the rice spreading it evenly throughout the pan, add salt, and stir the mixture.

If you want, you can add rosemary to give it a unique flavor. Finally, let it cook for about 15 or 18 minutes. And ready!

Did you find it difficult? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

Learning to cook paella is easier than you think

Traveling to Valencia allows us to know magnificent places, enjoy unparalleled landscapes, and taste the best Valencian food. However, going to Valencia and not learning to prepare a Valencian paella is practically not traveling anywhere. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to take a paella cooking class with You will not regret!

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