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The Reasons Why Iceland Is Such A Popular And Beautiful Country To Visit

The world is full of picturesque places and serene landscapes that simply leave a person in awe. One such beautiful scenery of Iceland which is just full of stunning displays of nature in the form of mountains, rolling green pastures, volcanoes, breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, and many other natural jewels. Many people think due to the name ‘Iceland,’ the country would be full of an unending sheet of ice and snow when in fact apart from the chilly nature of the weather, Iceland is a spectacular country that is very diverse in its landscape.

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Iceland is a Nordic island country situated in the North Atlantic with a small population. The largest city Is Reykjavik and also the capital of the country. Iceland is geologically quite active with volcanic activity, and the land is full of lava fields, glaciers, and mountains. Iceland has been known to an isolated place and not connected with major European countries directly which is why few people used to visit it, but in recent times hundreds of people wish to explore the magical island when they have come across the splendid beauty of the place.

Sky ITL Travel Like a Local will give all the reasons and advantages which will make visiting Iceland a must thing on your bucket list. The things which make Iceland unique are.

Mystical Landscapes

Tourists from all over the world are fascinated by the grandeur of mountains in Iceland and the stunning beauty that surrounds the place. The scenery is quite mystical and attractive, which includes snow-covered volcanoes, ice fields, waterfalls, and ice fields. The terrain is a bit smooth but most rugged. The mountains consist of rhyolite rock, which is due to volcanic activity, and you would feel hiking on multicolored glass made of different colors such as brown, green, black, and purple. The mountains are located close to the city and in the far rides where passionate hikers can enjoy trekking.

Northern Lights

There is hardly any person who is not mystified and in awe seeing the quite amazing display of Northern Lights or more famously called the ‘Aurora Borealis.’ The lights are visible at night, and it is quite a spectacular display of colorful lights that are caused when the upper section of the atmosphere is struck with a highly charged group of electrons driven by the solar wind. The Jokulsarlon lagoon in southern Iceland is probably the best place to see the Northern Lights and they are visible from September to April.

Blue Lagoon

One of the most attractive things to do in Iceland is surely the Blue Lagoon. There are many naturally heated pools all over the island country, but the most amazing and relaxing is the Blue Lagoon where the water is geothermal heated and stays warm all through the year. Other astonishing geothermal pools are situated in Landmannalaugar, which is a natural reserve but famous for its spectacular beauty. The water has sulfur and silica content, which makes staying in the pool quite relaxing and therapeutic. A dip in the heated pool is a must thing on nearly every tourist’s checklist.


Tourists love to see waterfalls and one of Iceland’s outstanding features is that it is home to many extraordinary and stunning waterfalls. The numerous slopes and peaks lead to waterfalls that incredibly drop water over lava rocks and thick green vegetation. One of the most scenic waterfalls is Svartifoss, where tourists go the most.

Black Beaches

Iceland may be a small island country, but it is simply full of wonders, and it is one of the few countries which has black beaches. The beaches not only have black pebbles but it is also surrounded by incredible black basalt cliffs and other rock formations. Reynisfjara beach is the most popular black sand beach located on the south coast of Iceland.

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Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails

Iceland is probably the best place for travelers and tourists who love to cycle, walk, and go on hiking adventures. The mountain ranges have significant altitude and tough terrain which may interest the hikers who like to challenge themselves with such trekking locations. There is a famous 830-mile ring road that circles the entire country, and you could easily stop in popular tourist destinations on the way. Road trips in Iceland will give some breathtaking scenery which will stay long in your memory.

Land of Midnight sun

There are few countries in the world known as the land of the midnight sun, and one of them is Iceland. The reason is that the sunlight remains a better part of the day and remains till midnight. During the summer solstice, which is from 20th to 22nd June, the sun sets just a few minutes after midnight and again after 3 A.M.


Nearly 11% of Iceland comprises of glaciers which are quite large and found all over the country. The tourists mostly ride on a cruise to see the enormous glaciers.

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