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How to Find the Best Bathing Suit for Your Lifestyle

How to Find the Best Bathing Suit for Your Lifestyle Today’s baby boomer is one that tends to lead a very active and busy lifestyle. It’s not unusual to still be working, maybe on a part-time or consultant type basis, have grandkids, and engage in plenty of travel. With such an active lifestyle, it’s important to find clothing that is comfortable, fits your needs, and yet is stylish all at the same time. One area where that can be really tricky is swimwear.

As we approach the warm summer months and you start to bring all your spring and summer clothing to the front of the wardrobe, you may want to take a look at your bathing suit. If it doesn’t fit, isn’t flattering, isn’t comfortable, and isn’t stylish, it’s time to get rid of it and treat yourself to something new.

No Need to Fear Shopping

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that the two most hated things to shop for are jeans and bathing suits. It’s a well-known fact. This doesn’t change as you age either, there’s a good chance that you hate shopping for these items just as much as you did 20 years ago.

Well, it is time to push the fear aside and approach bathing suit shopping with new confidence. It’s all about knowing how to shop, being aware of your body, and what your needs are.

What Kind of Bathing Suit Wearer Are You?

Before you hit the store or start browsing swimsuits online. it is important to ask yourself what kind of bathing suit wearer you are. This probably isn’t a question you’ve asked yourself before so it may sound a bit funny at first.

Are you the type of person that likes to put on your bathing suit just to swim in, do you tend to skip the swimming and prefer lying by the pool and sunbathing instead, maybe you want to be able to go for walks on the beach, do some gardening, and puttering around while wearing your bathing suit. Your answer to this question will help to determine what style to look for.

For example, if you want to be able to putter around and socialize in your yard, then maybe you want one with a bit more coverage.

Know Your Body Shape

The key to finding a bathing suit that flatters your body is to purchase one that is meant for your body shape. The four most common body shapes are:

  • Banana – this is a rectangular shape, meaning you are very straight from your shoulders down to your feet.
  • Apple – This body is shaped like an upside-down triangle, so you would have a broader bust and shoulder line, then narrow hips.
  • Pear – Picture a triangle that is facing upwards, so your bust and shoulders are narrow while your hips are broader.
  • Hourglass – Here you basically have two triangles facing in. So your upper body would look like an upside-down triangle, while your lower body is shaped like an upward facing triangle.

Once you are aware of your body shape, you’ll be able to find styles that flatter you by playing up your features and downplaying areas you may not wish to highlight.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

In order to feel comfortable in your bathing suit, you have to like it, which means letting your personality come through. Opt for a bold and bright print if that matches your personality, or choose something more subtle if that tends to be more of a reflection of you. A bathing suit is like any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe in that it can be unique, show off who you are, and make a statement. It’s not strictly a utility piece.

Try-On Styles Outside Your NormYour Body Shape

It’s very easy to get stuck in a style a rut, and the same is true of bathing suits. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same style for years now. It could be that it’s time for a change. The only way to discover new, flattering, and comfortable styles is to try different options on. This means stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit and not taking the safe route.

View Bathing Suits in a New Light

By using these tips, you will not only find a bathing suit that works best for your lifestyle but you will also find one that fits your personality, shape, and size. You’ll look at bathing suits in a whole new light and see them as a wonderful and fun piece to play around with.

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