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How To Choose Your Bracelet Size?

The size of the Bracelet Size is an important element that should choose carefully so that the bracelet can be worn without risk of losing or without embarrassment. A wrong bracelet size will be embarrassing and you risk if it is too big to lose it.

In the you will find bracelets of all materials, made in different finishes and with a different length choice so that each person finds the bracelet that suits him.

How To Measure Your Wrist To Choose Your Bracelet Size?

The Bracelet Size of the wrist is essential so that you can choose the bracelet that suits you best. To measure a wrist you will need a measuring tape of a seamstress or failing a string and a double decimetre. You will have to go around your wrist taking care to leave a finger between your skin and the meter or the string.

If you measure with a string, you will refer to the length of the wire needed on a double decimetre to know the length. If you want to have a bracelet with a loose port, you will add 1 centimeter to this measurement. If you want a very large port, you can go up to two centimeters more. Beyond that, you will take the risk of a strap too loose and risk losing it.

Zoom On Standard Bracelet Sizes

If you have to give a gift to someone, it is sometimes difficult to take the measure of a wrist without arousing suspicion! So that you can get an idea of the standard measures for bracelets, we give you below the standard measures for women, men and children so you know which size to choose.

Bracelets For Women

The size of women’s wrists varies according to the morphology of the person. However, we can agree that the standard size of a woman’s bracelet is around 19 cm. If you want a wide port on a classic morphology, we can opt for a bracelet of 20 centimeters.

Bracelet Size For Men

Men’s bracelets have a standard size of about 20 to 21 cm long. The smallest sizes can be 18.5 cm and the largest ones are 23 cm. It will be necessary for this panel to adjust the choice of the length of the bracelet to the morphology of the man to whom you wish to make a gift.

Bracelet Size For Children

Newborn, child, or teenager, the wrist sizes will not be the same. For newborns, the curbs and bracelets you will find will have sizes between 14 and 16 cm. Depending on the model, you will have the possibility of choosing one with two rings of fasteners, located at different levels, allowing you to have an evolutionary bracelet during the first years of life.

The children’s bracelets will have a size between 16 and 18 centimeters. You can again opt for a two-ring clasp system allowing the bracelet to adapt to the child’s evolution.

A Size That Changes With Time: Your Bracelet Adapts To Your Evolutions

The years go by and the morphologies evolve in different directions. Whether you take the weight or lose it, the jewels remain and it is possible to make them evolve with us. Enlargement and reduction of bracelets are possible thanks to the know-how of your jeweler. Do not hesitate to entrust to the jeweler Bracelet World the jewels that you wish to evolve with you. We will be able to offer you adapted solutions so that you can wear your jewels every day.

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