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10 Home Decor Ideas with Greenery & Budget-Friendly Ways

Decorating the interiors of a home decor ideas is one of the most fun and creative activities you can engage with. A pretty picture in a magazine or online may inspire you to change the look of your home. It may even arise out of a simple personal need for a change of space. However, many people refrain from home-makeovers as it may be an expensive process. As this should not be the case, this article will help you discover some easy methods to transform your living space using greenery and budget-friendly ways.

1. Buy an Outdoor Ceiling Light

Outdoor ceiling lights are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your patio or porch. Such lights often come in beautiful shapes and sizes and can add an elegant touch to your outdoor area. More importantly, these lights are reasonably priced making it an easy home decor item to add to your repertoire.

Outdoor Ceiling Light

2. Do it Yourself (DIY)

This is one of the simplest home decor ideas which can help you save money. With respect to this, you can easily buy a new coat of paint and apply it yourself or even create your own wallpaper using a stencil. You could even experiment with different colors and paint a pattern, such as a stripe, on your wall. There are also a ton of interesting ways to use household and other art and craft items to spruce up existing furniture or even create new pieces.

Though this may be time-consuming for some, the DIY method really adds a personal touch and will give you a personal sense of satisfaction. It may also act as a stress buster. Thus, this is one of the best methods to unleash your creativity as well as go easy on the wallet.

Do it Yourself (DIY)

3. Reuse Old Material

Reusing old material is not always the number one thought or priority while redecorating. Throwing away old furniture to make room for new pieces adds to the cycle of buying. However, recycling old furniture to serve new purposes is a useful and inexpensive method to decorate. You could turn an old vase into a pot for a plant, use an old dresser as a TV stand, or even use a small old bookcase as a nightstand. You could also obtain wall art by breaking apart and redesigning old materials.

Reuse Old Material

4. Buy Second-Hand Items

When it comes to furniture, buying items second-hand is a useful approach in acquiring beautiful pieces at reasonable rates. Second-hand items may be extremely useful for young individuals who are just starting out their lives as they need not worry too much about financial constraints. Thus, it becomes easy to acquire necessary pieces of furniture, like couches, chairs, etc. through this method.

Apart from this, many collectible and vintage items are sold second-hand making this an easy way to get your hands on them; it could also be the first step to starting your own exciting collection.

Buy Second-Hand Items

5. Grow Plants

Growing plants indoors is one of the easiest ways to change the interior of your home. However, many times, people may be reluctant to grow plants indoors as they may not have the necessary knowledge, skillset, or time to take care of it. Still, plants such as cacti or succulents do not require much attention and can easily grow.

This makes them one of the best and most desirable plants to maintain indoors. You can add a tropical or natural feel to the interior of your home by placing such decorative plants on a tabletop or counter.

Grow Plants

6. Repaint Old Flowerpots or Vases

Repainting old pots and vases could very quickly add a pop of color to your space. You can easily fill these with leafy plants that are easy to grow, like eucalyptus. On the other hand, if the interior of your home does not receive a lot of sunlight during the day or if you do not have the time to take care of natural plants, using artificial plants can also have the same effect.

Repaint Old Flowerpots or Vases

7. Decorative Arrangements

Using different combinations, bunches of plants can also personalize the interior of your home. In fact, there are numerous ways to combine different textures, colors, and flowers to match your home. Placing potted plants can singularly or together on a shelf, a long table, or against a wall to add a classy look.

Home decor arrangements are also extremely helpful in changing the looks of bathrooms which is more expensive to redo.

Decorative Arrangements

8. Invest in Fabrics

While using paint is an easy way to transform a large interior space, investing in a new and different colored pillow and cushion covers, bedsheets, etc. is a subtle but effective way to create a new look. Add some brightly colored throw pillows to couches or bedrooms in order to bring some color to a room. Apart from pillows, you can also try adding rugs of different colors or textures in different rooms. If you are good at sewing, you could also try using your own ideas on pillow covers.

Invest in Fabrics

9. Buy a Mirror

Mirrors are an easy budget-friendly home decor item to use. The placement of a mirror can add depth to a room and can make a room appear larger. You could also buy a mirror with a pretty frame to suit the room that you are going to place it in. Apart from this, you can also design trays and other decorative pieces from old mirrors.

Buy a Mirror

10. Buy a New Shower Curtain

As mentioned earlier, redoing the bathroom can often be expensive. However, this can be overcome by making small but subtle changes, like buying a new shower curtain. If you wish to change it up even further, you could change the faucet over the sink or even paint the ceiling of the bathroom for a new look.

Buy a New Shower Curtain

Like your sense of style, the interior of your home is a reflection of yourself and hence wanting to change its look is a natural emotion to feel. As there are numerous greenery and budget-friendly home decor ideas to use, we hope this article helps you pick the ones best suited to your needs and hence allows you to fully express yourself.

Author’s Bio: Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She loves cooking, traveling and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her only passion.

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