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Garden Landscaping Ideas – How to Plan and Create Your Dream Garden

Lush greenery and comfortable shade are some of the attributes of a dream garden landscaping ideas. However, having such a wonderful outdoor space requires more than planting flowers and mowing the lawn. A lot depends on zoning, landscaping, and designing the garden to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

So, if you don’t know what to do with your yard, here is advice on how to plan and create your dream garden landscaping ideas. It will give your house a makeover and provide you with a wonderful leafy sanctuary.

Brighten it up with color

Brighten it up with color

If you want to brighten up your garden, you can easily do it with colors. This doesn’t only include painting the fence or railings of your patio, but also all the shades nature can bring. Choose flowery plants since they will bring liveliness and sweet fragrances for most of the year. The majestic blue of African Lily and fiery shades of Alstroemeria is a wonderful addition to the summer landscape.

Azalea will give your garden a pinkish hue as early as spring and paired up with gentle yellow of the buttercup can last you well into the summer. For the whole year blooms, opt for Chrysanthemums and Carnations which come in various colors like white, red, and pink. Jasmine is a wonderful bushy flower that blooms white in the winter, during evenings, and has a mesmerizing scent.

Create an outdoor living area

Create an outdoor living area

For a while now, creating an outdoor living area has been one of the most popular landscaping trends. However, this is not only a matter of design but also of creating a comfortable space where you can relax just like you would in your living room. The basic ingredient of this area is a seating set that can both serve for entertainment and leisure combined with surrounding nature and sometimes lavish accessories.

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For example, a fire pit in the middle of a marble coffee table accompanied by tall and big-leafed plants will give the area extravagant look. On the other hand, something cozy like a seating area full of patterned pillows and Moroccan tile flooring will create a more intimate setting. With such an attractive outdoor living area you and your family can spend more time outside even during the cold months if you shield the space right.

Splurge on the lighting

Garden lighting is very commonly neglected since people believe they don’t need to install more than a wall lamp for the evenings. However, splurging on a well-lit garden will give your home not only curb appeal but also inspire you to spend more time in your green space. This is not necessarily an expensive project since a lot can be done with a few modest solutions.

For example, string lights are perfect to set a romantic and peaceful mood in the garden perfect for get-togethers with friends or relaxing after dinner. To light, the whole garden landscaping ideas, use solar lamps that are ideal for spots without electrical installations, and are also eco-friendly. Opt for warm illumination to create a soft glow all around that will make your garden dreamy as though from a fairyland.

Zoning your garden

Zoning your garden

One of the ways to plan and create your dream garden is by determining zoning areas. These zones can have different purposes and help you better organize the space, especially if your garden landscaping ideas are on the smallish side. For example, you can designate space to install retractable shady systems that will serve as the dining or entertainment area.

If you have kids, you don’t want them stomping on your flowers, so creating a playing area could also be a good idea. Zoning is very practical if you want to grow vegetables and fruits since you will need a spot with easy access, sufficient sun, and enough room. Not only will you determine the purpose of the garden areas, but you will also be able to plan where to build pathways, the patio, and a seating area.

Decide on the style

Decide on the style

If you are unsure of what you want, then it’s best to choose a style and start from there. This is a personal choice so always listen to yourself and what makes you comfortable. For example, minimalist gardens are simple and low-key while Boho is full of colors, layers, and wild nature. Symmetry is commonly used in modern style with round shrubbery and pristine geometrically correct surfaces.

Japanese Zen gardens are soothing for an abundance of natural materials for their creation like water features, stone paths, and sandy areas. If you have a small garden area, potted plants and vertical growing will leave room for a modest dining set made of cast iron.


The best approach to plan and create your dream garden is to start from scratch. Declutter, zone and then decide on a style that you can easily modify to better fit your personal desires. It will take some work but in the end, you will get your perfect oasis to unwind and recharge.

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