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Things You Should Do Weekly During Summers For A Clean Pool

There’s nothing as great as a swimming clean pool at your property during the hot summer days. But pools don’t serve their purpose if you don’t give them what they want. It is crucial, for the health of the pool and swimmer, to keep it clean at all times. It might not be as easy to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, but it is certainly not an ordeal as well.

The simplest thing that you have to remember is to clean it regularly. Once you stop being regular, the problems with your pool will start. And they might even get out of your control at some point. So, it is recommended that you take enough care of it to enjoy the freshness at whatever time you want.

We have narrowed down a list of things that you should do every week during summers to keep the clean pool and healthy.

Never Empty the Pool

Unless it is the only option you have, you should not drain it. It does not matter if it is an aboveground or an inground pool, it will have to face the severe consequences of draining.

If a pool is in a high water table goes empty, it can get up to the surface. This is because it is the water weight that keeps it in the position.

Also, the liner can shrink upon draining the pool, which will tear when you refill it later.

Regulate the Pool’s Chemistry

The vital thing here is to maintain the pH of pool water. It should be anything between 7 and 7.4. The farther the pH goes, the more it will demand chlorine. These two things go inversely proportional to each other.

As soon as the pH of water begins to rise, the chlorine content starts to reduce. If you maintain the prescribed pH value at all times, you will not need to add chlorine as frequently as you would have to do otherwise.

Clean the Pool Pump

On the front of a pool pump is a hair & lint pot, which has to be cleaned every week. But before you clean it, make sure you turn off the pump and release pressure on the system.

Once you and the pool are ready, put the filtration system together. After doing this, clean every single basket thoroughly and remove all those plugs that you had put in it.

Don’t just dive directly into the water. Let everything be cleaned before it. The filter has to be clear at all times, and it will take good care of the water. Remove the cover only when you can see the floor of the pool through the water in it.

Chlorinate the Water

If you feel like that the smell of chlorine from your pool has increased, you need to add more chlorine to it. It might sound weird, but that is how it goes. This is because the smell does not come from just chlorine, but the chloramines.

The smell goes off when you super chlorinate it, at least once a week, especially in the summer season. You can use a zodiac tri chlorinator to do it quickly and efficiently.

If you have a saltwater zodiac tri chlorinator, make sure you check it regularly for the chlorine levels. Also, check out for any possible clogging in it. Cyanuric-based tablets are one of the most common products for inground pools. It acts as a sunscreen for the water by inhibiting the sun’s ability to burn off the chlorine.

Check for the Water Level

Evaporation is solely responsible for the disappearance of quite a large amount of water from the pool. It takes place more in the summer season because of the bright sun. It is a great idea to check for the water level while removing the debris from the pool’s surface.

If you notice the water level anything below the skimmer, it is the time to fill it back. This is because the low water level in a pool can cause significant damage to the Self-Priming Pumps.

The only solution here is to fill it back up so that the pump does not starve of the liquid. Any damage to the pump simply means the replacement of the equipment. Well, that would not be an enticing prospect.


It is fun to sit back and relax in the pool with your family during those scorching hot days of the summer. But, to keep the pool clean and maintained is by far the most important thing. This is essential because a dirty pool can trigger certain health issues.

Looking at the tips, it sounds fairly easy to do this. It apparently is easy, but you need to be keen enough to do it. So, before you dive into it, make sure it is clean enough to keep you healthy.

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