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45 Days GRE Study Plans Guide for Students to Score High

What is GRE?

The business school graduates take the GRE examination. The graduate business programs require a certified entrance test that refers to GRE. The schools require the GRE test to evaluate applicants on the levels of IQ, intelligence, quick understanding, analysis, quick solution, and a lot more! GRE General Test affords a common measure for comparing candidates’ qualifications and talents. The GRE scores are used by admissions committee members in addition to the academic profile of the applicant. The profiles required are—undergraduate records, recommendation letters, and other requirements.

Content of test and Format

The GRE test content includes three major sections—

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Building a GRE Study Plan

OK, now that you are starting more from scratch, that refers to the beginning, and you want to get active for the GRE within 45 days. For this, all you need is a strategic plan to organize yourself with your study materials. Irrespective of how much time you need to schedule up your GRE practice, just remember the important thing is that you need to learn a lot during the session to gain good scores. For this, you need to schedule an hour-long practice every day, and the other hours should be devoted to reviewing, reflect, and to make note of the materials.

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As you start up with the study, the foremost thing that needs is to focus on understanding the concepts that are being there for testing and figuring out the patterns of the question.

Simply answering a bunch of questions will not be fruitful. It is important to understand each question thoroughly so that you can spot such questions from other study material that will be more valuable to approach.

When set for the GRE practice session, try to replicate the test procedure so that the concept can be set in the mind.
Here are some strategies for structuring the GRE study plans:

Practice GRE for One Hour only

Yes! Practice GRE for one hour in the entire day. That will be better to focus on just one section of the test. Now that how to divide the one hour section, it is discussed below as—

1) Five Minutes: Keep this time for reviewing the GRE to get you in contact with it. This will be fruitful to you when you spend time reading the steps of the solved question of Mathematics or reasoning. The concept will be in your mind and also will be able to tackle the entire session. If you are into verbal questions, review the methods, and brief up the vocal cords.

2) Ten Minutes: Jump towards quiz questions. The idea of doing this is to handle the problems rather than a full section. Thus, the concentration will be on a particular question type.

3) Ten Minutes: After all, review the solutions and remark on the performance. Rework on unsolved once till they are solved properly. It’s important to have the right approach to gain a high score for the GRE test.

4) 20 Minutes: Continue to the quiz bank questions and speed up your time with it to solve them sooner and review thoroughly.

5) Last Minutes: Make a note of the topics and questions you covered during the entire session. From the time to solve to checking and make an estimation of the level of preparation. Make an analysis of the question that made you struck and the ones that you solved easily.

This is the most important part of GRE study plans that will help you to gain extreme success.

Best Preparation Materials—GRE

It is well known that GRE takes a good amount of time and effort. So for GRE study plans, it becomes important to have a good set of GRE books for preparation in the best way. There are a number of books published, they are—

  1. Magoosh
  2. GRE Official Guide
  3. Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategical Guides
  4. GRE Nova Prep Guide
  5. Flashcards
  6. Magoosh’s e-books

As always, we wish best of luck, and if you follow up on the GRE study plan, then no world powers can hinder you from achieving the goals.

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