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Conference Event Management Software for Event Planning

An event can go wrong in the most unusual manner you can ever think of. So, it’s always better to get assistance when you are looking forward to engaging your attendees. Luckily, there is much event management software that can assist you. But it’s always important to choose a better one. We would like to list down the top 5 event management software for you.

Zoho Backstage

This software will help you in planning your corporate meetings, product launches, and even conferences with much ease. It is an event management tool that provides end to end service to organizers, corporations, and nonprofit agencies. This software is equipped with several features:

  • Managing social media promotions, sponsorships, feedbacks, and tickets is not a headache anymore while managing an event.
  • This software will manage your attendees, badge, registration, and the speakers involved during your conference as well.
  • It will help you with confirmations, coupons, event calendars, online payments, online registrations, and even your website when you are booking or marketing an event.


It is a Conference Event Management that provides a cloud-based platform for nonprofit organizations.
This software is a package of many features:

  • This software provides a platform for managing your event, membership, customer relationship, email marketing, payment processing, and dedicated mobile applications.
  • This software will help you in keeping track of outstanding payments and reminding them through email and push notifications.
  • It provides two separate applications for organizers and members, members can use the application for registration, subscription, and editing profile information on their iOS and Android devices.


This software is known for its robustness and flexibility. This makes managing an event more simplified than you can think of. From sourcing your venue to generating reports after your event, this software will help you in every process. The features of this software are:

  • When you are planning your event, this software will provide dynamic registrations, branded event websites, secure payment processing, data security, and privacy.
  • It will pay extra attention to keep your attendees engaged by various measures.
  • It will allow you to manage your attendees in a way you prefer.
  • After the event, this software will also help you in reviewing your event.


This software will help you pushing your boundaries as this software operates in more than 170 countries and territories. Few of the many features of this software are:

  • This software will help you in selling your event tickets directly on Facebook and Instagram.
  • It will provide a two-click secure checkout which makes the attendees feel more confident in buying.
  • This software provides three packages that enable you to work according to your budget.
  • This software will boost your Google search ranking partnering with Google Events.


This software provides better planning for the catering portion of your event. The features of this software are:

  • It will create visual menus for the attendees.
  • It will help you in the creation of ingredient lists and food preparation lists for the cooks.
  • This software provides a user-friendly interface similar to Microsoft Word and Excel to the attendees where they can enter their food selection.
  • You can always keep a track of the required food and beverage through this software.

With the boom in the global events industry where everything needs to be perfectly streamlined and synchronized, this event management software goes a long way in providing a perfect customized service according to the event base. The client base of these software has had pleasant experiences in the past.

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