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Chakras 101: How to Find Balance

Go to any yoga class, and you’ll likely hear the word “chakra” thrown around. But what are they talking about? According to Ayurveda, chakras 101 are losses of energy located throughout the body. To visualize a chakra, picture a wheel of energy that keeps you healthy, vibrant and balanced. You’ve got seven of them, by the way, and these chakras are centers through which our energy flows. When we’re emotionally imbalanced, they become blocked and can lead to illness, relationship woes and anxiety.

Ayurvedic practitioners stress the importance of maintaining balance in order to achieve optimal health. Part of that balance involves keeping the chakras free-flowing. The seven chakras 101 lines up straight down the midline of our bodies, spaced roughly evenly from the base of the spine to just above the head. It is believed that when our chakras are out of whack, we suffer physically and emotionally.

For example, elimination issues correlate with a blockage in the first chakra. Meanwhile, headaches and throbbing foreheads indicate a sixth chakra issue, while sore throats mean a blocked fifth chakra. It all links up—virtually any common issue can be linked to a chakra.

Here’s a list of the chakras 101 and what they’re linked to:

  • First chakra = red/smell/earth
  • Second chakra = orange/taste/water
  • Third chakra = yellow/sight/fire
  • Fourth chakra = green/touch/air
  • Fifth chakra = sapphire or turquoise/hearing/sound
  • Sixth chakra = indigo blue or purple/“sixth sense”/light
  • The seventh chakra = white or purple/pure consciousness.

How to get balanced out

Ayurvedic practitioners and yoga studios offer chakra balancing sessions known as “Tattva Shuddhi.” During a treatment, a therapist activates your chakras by focusing the attention on energy centers and using visual tools known as “yantras” to help increase the flow of energy. This process is said to lead to rejuvenation, deep purification, and transformation.

Meditation using mantras, yoga, and sound therapy can all help you restore balance to your entire body—chakras included. However, try not to get too overwhelmed by all of the information out there regarding chakras 101 and energy work—just focus on the basics, at least to begin.

Further, the most important things each of us can do include maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, avoiding stress and agitation. If we’re gentle and kind with ourselves and those around us, we’re already on the path to maintaining overall balance. No fancy chakra balancing session can take the place of simply being good to each other, in the end.

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