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How Can I Choose The Best Cheap Dedicated Hosting Server In 2020?

Are you looking for the best cheap dedicated server provider in India? but you don’t want to spend your fortune in this process? But first, you must know what is Dedicated Hosting, and why do you need it? So that you can choose the best-dedicated server package for your website.

 What is Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated server is a single computer on a network that is provided to serve network requirements. Dedicated servers are usually needed for websites that can develop a significant amount of traffic, for example, sites that have to handle up to 35 million clicks a day. A dedicated server or hosting service is a type of internet hosting where customers rent an entire server that is not shared with others.

 Why Do You Need A Dedicated Server? / Dedicated Server Features

With a dedicated server, you have a complete server dedicated to your site. This means that your website doesn’t compete with other sites for bandwidth, and you shouldn’t go down if you get a bounce in traffic. Here are some of the main reasons why you need a dedicated server.

  1. Enhanced Security – This server is very vulnerable to security breaches and attacks in the form of viruses, hacking, and other risks.
  2. Custom Programming Options – With a dedicated server, you can choose what operating system you need, which hardware specifications to use, and various other custom programming options. In short, it offers you complete control over your hosting environment.
  3. More Uptime – In dedicated hosting, service providers have the entire SLA including hardware failure resolution. A team of that 24X7 support service, which is further supported by support and parts from OEMs and software vendors, you are guaranteed to have high uptime.
  4. Cost Savings – You Pay For What You Use – In dedicated hosting arrangements, you don’t have to pay for the entire server and HVAC system or full-time service administrator, you only pay for the facilities you use. Your service provider handles updates and areas to your hosting environment.

But finding the best type of dedicated hosting server can be a confusing process. With so many options available, it’s easy to be confused by all the components, configurations, and specifications offered. 

Tips To Find The Best and Cheap Dedicated Server Include:

  • Conduct complete prior research- This must be done by looking closely at the budget that you have placed. A possible research finding is that different companies offer different services at different costs. You will be able to determine whether the services provided are cheap or only the term cheap here is used as spam or just to attract more purchases from new customers.
  • Understand the needs of your business- Choose for dedicated servers that are stable and secure and easily managed. The low-cost dedicated server that you choose should also be managed easily. So, when going for the best cheap dedicated server you must choose one with an easy to use operating system.
  • Operating System- The choice of hosting operating system depends entirely on the website and the type of application you will use on your website. If you are going to use PHP, MySQL then Linux Dedicated server is the best choice for you, or if you are going to use MS SQL, and Windows-based applications then Windows dedicated server is the right for you.
  • Security- Website and server securities are very important for all businesses so it is very important that whatever hosting you choose provides the best way to keep your business protected. Hence, you should consider when choosing a cheap dedicated server. Apart from that, your system security must be useful

 There are many companies, who provide dedicated Servers in India. And many of them are truly top class in terms of quality. But when it comes to cheap and best, it becomes a little difficult to find a reliable provider that offers high-end dedicated servers at the lowest possible cost. However, one company, which is a great solution for buying quality dedicated Servers at affordable prices, is eWebGuru.

The host service provider  eWebGuru  offers huge features of its dedicated server hosting with a high level of security along with various SSL products starting at affordable rates for a monthly basis. 

Features of eWebGuru’s Basic Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

• 64 GB RAM and Core 8 with 5TB bandwidth

• 100GB SSD and 2000GB SATA RAID with Multiple operating systems

• IPv6 support, Full c-Panel access

• Free SSL certificate and Custom IP address

• Easy setup and routine backup and 24/7 support


So to get the complete features loaded by the dedicated Server, you can go with eWebGuru. They have many different packages, so of course, you will find one that suits your budget.

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