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Australia Packing List: Everything You Need to Bring

So you think you’re ready for an adventure in The Bush, or the Outback. Or maybe you would like to dive along the Great Barrier Reef and see the kangaroos after. Are you all set to travel to Australia? Think again, you might be missing out on things that you’ll wish you had once you get there.

Packing for a trip to Australia can be quite tricky, considering that it is a continent with quite diverse and extreme weather conditions. Below is a breakdown of the things you may require to pack for convenience during your stay on this beautiful continent.

1. Documents

Nothing is worse than facing problems at the customs, for a missing document, before your trip even begins. Failure to provide the necessary documents can easily lead to delays, fines, and even deportation. Which is why you need to ensure that you’ve ticked off the following documents from your checklist:

  • Passport- for you to gain entry to Australia, you will have to present a valid passport at the immigration clearance, not unless you are a New Zealand citizen.
  • Visa- this will be necessary for you to travel and remain within the country.
  • Flight ticket- book return flights in advance as you may be required to present it at check-in.
  • Transport tickets (car, bus, and train)- booking these tickets in advance will save you from unnecessary inconveniences during your travel.
  • Print out of your insurance details- it is always better to be safe than sorry. Although we hope you will not require it, tragedies do occur. There’s some confidence that arises from knowing that you are covered.
  • Cash- there are places plastic cards will not be helpful, for example, in the markets. Keep some money close, preferably Australian dollars.

As an added caution, print out copies of your travel documents just in case you lose the originals.

2. Electronics

While you don’t want to burden yourself with a lot of unnecessary electronics, there are some that you better not miss out on as Australia has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, and you wouldn’t want to miss out of capturing them.


Stay connected with your friends and family by carrying the following electronics:

  • Smartphone- primarily for communication purposes.
  • An efficient camera- this will come in handy to capture images and create memories. Having a smartphone doesn’t rule out the need for a camera. Preferably, get a waterproof camera as most major cities in Australia are on the coast. This means that water activities such as surfing, diving, and snorkeling are a top priority.
  • A power bank- most smartphones do not last a full day on a fully charged battery. A power bank will thus charge your phone as well as your camera to ensure you do not miss out on making memories.
  • Chargers- carry chargers for all your electronics to further save you from a communication breakdown.

3. Toiletries and extras

Toiletries and extras

These will aid in making your trip more comfortable. These include:

  • Sunscreen- scorching sun rays require you to be prepared to save your skin from sunburns.
  • Tissues- you don’t need to carry a bunch of them as you can easily purchase in malls or shops. Taking a roll will come in handy before you get a chance to buy others.
  • Refillable water bottle- Australia is one of the places with plenty of tap water. Thus, there’s no need to purchase bottled water. As already mentioned, the sun is scorching, therefore needs to remain hydrated. For more efficiency, get a water bottle with an inbuilt filter which saves you from worries concerning the purity of water.
  • Hand sanitizer- save yourself from minor infections by keeping your hands clean.
  • Sunglasses- These are must-have accessories. A pair of right sunglasses will save you from eye problems. Buy the right quality as well as the ideal ones for your face shape.
  • A hat- again, carry a hat as an accessory that you require for keeping cool and for protection from the unbearable rays.

4. First aid and safety kit

First aid and safety kit

Australia can be a dangerous place for the unprepared. Which is why you should include basic first-aid in your Australia packing list. Some of the most components essential include:

  • Allergy pills- unfortunately, it is quite challenging to adapt to allergens and pollen in Australia. Save yourself from those uncomfortable sniffles and sneezes.
  • Jet lag and motion sickness pills- If you are traveling from other continents. Take them before your trip, and you are sure to arrive more ready and freshened. Melatonin supplements in particular help you adjust to jet lag.
  • Insect repellant- summer is mainly a mosquito breeding season. They are particularly useful in case you are planning on camping by the lake.

5. Clothes

What you pack is dependent on the weather conditions at your time of travel. Some parts of Australia, such as Queensland are very hot thus you need light-weight clothes. For beachwear, carry the following:

  • Swimsuit- there are plenty of beaches to choose from, and therefore, a swimsuit is an excellent investment.
  • Sandals- these will make your beach walks comfortable.
  • Travel towel- get an easy to dry towel for use after spending hours in water.
  • For casual wear, some of the clothes to pack include; jeans, shirts, t-shirts, tops, and some casual shoes.


Above is just some of the essentials you should not leave while packing. Create memories worth reminiscing about by purchasing a carte a gratter to trace the places you visit uniquely. Besides, as you plan to travel to Australia, ensure you equip yourself with some precautions you need to observe. The government has set such precautions for the country’s welfare. For example, do not carry food or camping equipment. Lastly, do not bring items made of wood.

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