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Australia: Casinos Reopen To The General Public?

With the pandemic surrounding the world in January this year, everything outside came to a standstill. The whole world came under lockdown. Apart from the essential requirement stores, everything came had to be closed down. The world economy had a major setback.

All the big and small companies shifted to work from home. The public places like restaurants, pubs, bus terminals, airports, train stations had been closed. Lakhs of people succumbed to the virus. In the majority of countries, many people suffered from unemployment and hunger. The world faced a major crisis.

Today, after 8 months of the pandemic still there are increasing cases everywhere but at a slow pace. Many companies have resumed their office but the governments are still advising the people to maintain social distancing and to stay indoors as much as possible.

Now, different countries are treating and dealing with the virus in their best possible ways by implementing methods and restrictions.

The Australian government has set different sets of restrictions in different states depending on the volume of cases to restrict the spread of COVID-19. The city of Melbourne has restrictions on level 4 with effect from August 2, 2020. The state government has also imposed a mandatory mask policy.

In September, the city of Victoria entered the state three of lockdown. In New South Wales, the government has imposed a ban on the gathering of more than 10 people in one place. Again, in Queensland, one is allowed to have a maximum of 30 guests in a house.

Likewise in the other states like Western Australia and South Australia, there are certain restrictions imposed. Since there are no updates on the cure for the virus, and with the major downfall of the economy, there was nothing the governments could to rather than provide some releases to the working sectors to at least bring a balance in the economy or the would have led to the great depression.

Talking about the Casino industry, there are some major casinos in the city of Sydney who has decided to reopen soon following the instructions provided by the government. Legitimate Casino is one of the most Trusted Guide to Australian Online Casino Sites.

They are promising to operate following all the set of rules and by following all the safety measures. But, checking the growth track of the coronavirus in Australia, it is suggested to visit public places and gatherings as less as possible.

Nothing seems impossible in the era of digitalization. The internet is a solution to most of the problems in the world. With a laptop and a smartphone in your hand, you can just rule the world. Not to ask the possibility of playing casinos online, within the comfort of the home.

In research done in 2019, the casino industry experts have proclaimed that the online gambling market has a total value of $53.7 billion. This means, even before the pandemic grasped the world, people have been gambling online. Not to mention, the number of online gamblers have increased in 2020 for the ongoing pandemic.

So, gambling online is possible because there are online gambling sites and people can play there without compromising on their health.

Following are a few ways with which you can stay safe while playing online casino from the safety of your home:

Make proper research before playing online

You should thoroughly check the credentials of the casino and also check if they have the padlock sign while visiting their site. This symbol will ensure that the website is secure and safe.

Lookout for proper licenses

The online casino sites need to go screening processes at regular intervals and to get proper licenses, there are some specific requirements. The government of Australia is very strict and they very carefully look over all the aspects. Therefore, it is suggested to play safe with the license while playing online casino. The Australian government has also a strict set of punishments for the frauds.

Go for reviews

In the era of the internet, nothing can be hidden from anyone. If you want to know whether the website of an online casino is authentic or not, then check reviews first. Your fellow gamblers will be there for your rescue. Those gamblers who play to earn money would drop their reviews be it good or bad. A review system is a healthy discovery of the internet.

Check the security standards of the site

Since a casino is all about money, an authentic and legitimate casino would always prefer to use the latest software technologies on its website to prevent the attack of any sort of malware and hackers. The security software is installed to prevent any sort of financial disruption and illegal access to personal information.


It is suggested to the gamblers that before sharing any sort of personal information they should properly read the fine print of the policies and also before engaging in any sort of trial offers.

Share limited personal information

It is suggested to share as much limited information as possible. Never open an account using your real name. Never share your date of birth, email id, or any sort of personal information relating to your work or family. Though, some online casinos in Australia would ask you to verify yourself using your documents such as a driving license. They can be considered as authentic as they do so to keep you protected from threats.

Get antivirus and firewall

If you play using your laptop or desktop, then you should install a firewall and antivirus in your system. They provide you layers of security to keep your system safe from viruses and malware. Since online casinos are used by many people, they always attract viruses that can be transferred to your system while you play. This antivirus software would help you to stay safe.

Keep checking on your fund

Money can get over your head while you play. You must always invest the amount of money which you can afford to lose. Don’t get strayed and invest a huge amount which you would regret later on.

So there are explained some safe procedures or guidelines to play online casinos from the comfort of your home and by preventing COVID-19.

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