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A Play School Helps Nurture Kids Early Life Which Lasts Life Long

It’s commonly understood and acknowledged that habits decide our lives. A person with positive habits can be found successful in all his ways. Habits can be nurtured at any stage in one’s life, but stabilizing the habit depends upon a person’s capacity. But, there is an exception to this rule, if habits are practiced from the early years of childhood, then it makes very easy in the rest of life.

Yes, it’s psychologically accepted fact that brain development is rapid in the initial years and good habits can be learned at this phase in anyone’s life. Kid’s brains have the capacity of acquiring and storing enormous information. So, anything productive during the early years can be easily instilled and worked upon.

A child spends most of the time in school next to with his or her parents. For toddlers, playschool is the first school where a lot of socializing takes place, which leaves an enormous impact on a child’s attitude throughout his or her life. As they spend their productive time with peers in the playschool, parents would be very cautious and curious to join their wards in a specialized and perspective playschool. So they would be hunting a healthy environment, wherein, their children would feel like going to school rather than being found to be disinterested in school activities. Fear is the biggest constraint, from which a child must be brought out, and for which, the learning environment must be congenial, so that the children feel welcomed and motivated to learn.

A playschool is where a child learns to socialize. It is the place where academics and social skills start to form in kids. Hence, preschool teachers have to put in a tremendous effort to handle the diversified children community. Though learning is made easy by fun and games, it’s the moral in these games that they learn out of them is important. A good playschool should emphasize the moral and social values in the fun games.

At Brats and Cuties, we are one of the renowned play schools in Dwarka, Delhi. We aim for the all-round development of the child in a unique way. It not only provides a safe and secure environment but also pays utmost interest and care to impart positive attitudes, socials skills along with productive academic. Our Dwarka play school aims to bring up a child who is socially smart, academically productive and morally good. At Brats and Cuties, we focus on moulding young brains with certain strong social habits such as being punctual, socializing with peers along with a specialised pedagogical approach which completely takes them to a wide range of activities such as inculcating reading through newspapers, magazines and storybooks,encouraging them to be morally strong in the global language. At Brats and Cuties, we provide a lot of productive platforms to kids so that they try out their innovative and creative approaches to their home works and projects works.

It’s Brats and Cuties’ policy to make the learning methodology to be fruitful in all possible ways by incorporating academic, social and creative skills to go hand in hand so that the toddlers can feel a world of difference in learning with our play school in Dwarka. We have been successful in tuning up the brains as the young brains can be easily molded to learn good things. Their learning is not bound with four walls of the school but also to various field trips which gives them a real exposure to what they have learned in school.

Besides having the fun-based curriculum, they have also after school activities that are designed to cope with every child’s innate talents such as music, dance, drawing and so on. Along with this, we have Tutorials –Learning Ladder programmes, which helps a child to recount what has been taught and learned in schools. Gone are the days when kids lived in a joint family environment where learningcan happen at various levels with many people in the family. It doesn’t happen nowadays, and to bridge the gap, and also to assist the needy parents, the Tutorial – Learning Ladder Programme is designed aiming primarily in assisting the children with homework, project work and other activities.

Apart from this, a grooming session is also given to enable them to be different from the herd. We, not only free our hands with these two alone, but we also have Day Care for helping the working professionals, who can have an enormous trust with us in taking care of your wards with utmost seriousness. As learning has no boundaries, your wards, at daycare too, would be learning many things such as table manners, eating habits, sharing, teamwork, and leadership skills which are developed effortlessly when they are trained for good habits with their peers.

In this way, Brats and Cuties in Dwarka, Delhi ensures a happy, safe and secured learning. It strongly believes that, if positive habits are nurtured in the initial years, the rest would pave its own way to a successful life ahead.

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