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7 Fantastic Ways to Secure Your New Home

Moving into a new home is not an easy task. Homeowners spend weeks to make sure everything is intact in their new home. The initial days of moving in and unpacking things is a tiring process. While decorating and designing the interiors of your new home, could be more fun compared to securing the home with required safety measures but, it is essential. According to the statistics of the FBI, housebreaking occurs every 15 seconds in the US. Given the statistics, you do not want your home and family to fall prey to burglaries. So, here are seven fantastic ways to secure your new home.

Here Are 7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home

1. Secure the main doors

Interestingly, 34% of the burglars enter through the front door. Make sure that the exterior doors of your home are safe and secure. Ensure the condition of the hinges, door frames are intact and replace them if needed. If someone was living earlier in the home you moved in; then it’s better to change the locks. This way, you can be sure that no stranger has a spare key to your house. Install smart locks that alert you when someone tries to tamper the door and barge in.

2. Ensure window safety

The primary entry points for a burglar are the doors and windows. Install window bars to make the windows safe. While most of the homeowners rely on the manufacturer latches of a window, they are not much of a help in making your windows secure. So invest in the best window locks, window break sensors. To add an extra layer of security to the glass windows, install a decent quality security film to the window glass. Another inexpensive way to secure your windows is to plant some prickly bushes just below the windows. That prevents any intruders from entering the home through windows.

3. Secure the garage door

Intruders and burglars find it easy to gain access to your home through garage doors as well. Install a top-notch smart door opener with the best safety features for your garage. Avoid the practice of leaving any valuable items in the garage and make sure to lock both the interior and exterior garage doors. If you access the garage doors via security passcode, make sure that it is kept secret and at all times refrain from entering the garage door passcode in front of neighbors or absolute strangers such as delivery boys, etc.

4. Install a security system

With such technological advancement, you can choose from a variety of security system options depending upon your budget and requirements. Enquire about the crime statistics of your neighborhood with the local police department; this might help you evaluate the required security level, and choose a security system better. Most of the security systems come with a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS. You can monitor your home through the app, and the security system connects with the video doorbell, smart garage doors, and smart lighting via your home wi-fi network. Installing a security system is the best way to enhance the overall security of your home.

5. Invest in a safe

Having a safe inside your residence to safeguard valuable items such as jewelry, relevant documents, etc., is as quintessential as installing an overall security system for your home. For instance, even if a burglar manages to tamper the locks and enter your home, you can prevent the theft of valuable items such as your jewelry, passports, etc. In-house safes also come in many sizes, so make sure you pick the perfect size. Also, ensure that the safe is water-resistant and fire-resistant to keep the valuables secure and safe. It’s better to get a safe that has dual locks.

6. Get rid of hiding places in the front yard

While plants and trees add a character to your new home, remember that they also act as hiding spots for burglars and intruders, especially in the dark. So steer clear of any bushes and plants that are too big and regularly trim them down. In the same way, make sure that there is sufficient lighting in the outdoor and front yard, you make use of a flat extension cord in order to spread your lights. Invest in smart floodlights that identify motion, as most of the burglars prefer to break in when it’s dark. You can secure your home by following no-cost techniques such as installing security signage and ‘beware of dogs’ signage on the driveway, front door, windows, and the garage doors to scare the burglars away.

7. Install security cameras

Many intruders fear getting caught in the presence of a security camera. It’s better to install security cameras in visible spots such as the front yard, driveway, etc. This way, you not only prevent your home from burglary but also have a shred of evidence if something of that sort happens in the worst-case scenario. The best part is you can get security cameras as a package of home security systems as well. These security cameras come with loads of features such as night vision, motion detection, wi-fi connectivity, etc., to ensure maximum security.

Final Thoughts

These are the seven fabulous ways to secure your new home. Remember to ensure maximum security for the general entry points of burglars such as doors, windows, and garage doors. Also, having a pet dog is a bonus when it comes to the security of your home. Always ensure the exterior landscape of your home is well lit during nights to keep the burglars and intruders at bay.

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