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5 Gifts for Your Sweetheart That You Can Make Yourself

Why spend half your paycheck on a gift for your sweetheart when there are so many beautiful, heartfelt items that you can make by hand? Handmade and homemade gifts have more meaning because of the time and effort required, and it can be even more enjoyable to make something than to just shop for it. Check out these five great gifts for your sweetheart that you can make yourself.

1. A knitted scarf

Knitting is a very simple craft that you can quickly learn by following online videos. It’s also a very affordable hobby; you only need one set of knitting needles and a few skeins of yarn to make a beautiful scarf.

If you’ve never knitted before, consider buying a very inexpensive skein of yarn and practicing the stitches on that before tackling a larger project. Browse the internet for a scarf pattern you like, and then follow the tutorial for the stitches involved. Experiment with your cheaper yarn until you’re comfortable and the pattern turns out as pictured, then move to the nicer, more expensive yarn.

2. Homemade chocolates

Chocolates are not difficult to create in your own kitchen, and choosing a fun mold and mixing the types of chocolates you make can allow you to create a gift you’ll both savor. You can shop online for bulk chocolate squares and the molds you need, and invest in a good double-boiler to melt them down. Making homemade chocolates gives you the freedom to mix dark and sweet chocolate or add favorite ingredients like raspberry filling. You can even use the melted chocolate to cover fruit (like strawberries or pineapple), creating an even more exquisite gift.

3. Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry, and a handmade bracelet or necklace can be the perfect choice of gift—even for men! You might choose a leather strap with a few simple beads for a fun necklace, or braid leather straps together to create a great bracelet. Making jewelry is a simple hobby, but one with an endless variety of choices for the finished product. As a bonus, most jewelry-making materials are very affordable. This means you can also design matching pieces for you and your Gifts for Your Sweetheart!

4. Barbecue rubs

If you’re looking to make something special for a foodie, you can’t go wrong with a good barbecue rub. This is a special blend of seasoning that is rubbed onto meat or vegetables before grilling, and which gives food a richer flavor than is provided by a plain jar of sauce.

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A good basic recipe for a barbecue rub consists of one tablespoon of paprika, kosher salt, sugar, and dried chives. Add two tablespoons of both garlic powder and brown sugar, then measure out half a teaspoon of both black pepper and cayenne, and two teaspoons of chili powder, onion powder, and cumin. Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl, add them to a seal-tight jar, and you have a great barbecue rub that everyone will love!

5. A book safe

A book safe is a fun and funky gift that is also very practical. You cut out the middle of a book so you can hide money and other valuables in plain sight but where no one will think to look for them.

To make a book safe, you need an old book with a thick cover, a box cutter with a pointed end, puzzle glue or “mod podge”, and a brush for the glue. Start by opening the book and wrapping a plastic bag around the cover so it doesn’t get any glue on it, and then coat the three sides of the pages with the puzzle glue. Next, coat the back of the last page so it sticks to the back cover.

You’ll need to wait about an hour for the glue to dry, and it may be good to put something heavy on the pages so they stay together. Once the pages are glued together, use your box cutter to cut out a square inside the pages. Be sure you leave about a half-inch border all the way around. To make it look neater, you can also cut a piece of felt to fit inside the opening of your book and glue that to the pages. Your book safe is now complete!

Get creative with your homemade Gifts for Your Sweetheart and remember that the most important thing is to have fun when creating something handmade for your special someone!

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