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2021 Garden Trends: What’s New

2020-2021 have led to a dramatic change in the lifestyles of people.  Google data shows people have searched a lot online to improve their garden space. The balcony or the garden of the house have been the saviors off lately. The outbreak of pandemic has brought a significant shift in people’s lifestyles.

The garden is a perfect escape from all the worries of the world when you actually have no other outdoor space to go. Gardens are not just an outdoor space to unwind or have a peaceful time with friends or family, but they contribute to nature. A garden can have hundreds of plants, shrubs, and trees that contribute to nature.

There are plenty of ways in which you can recreate your garden space. Let us quickly walk through some of the trending garden styles that can enhance your home aesthetics and give you a perfect escape from the indoors. 

Rock Garden

The rock garden is a perfect style if you are a no-maintenance type of person. This garden style is simple; it involves the arrangement of various rocks to give a natural look. Planting some plants between the stones makes the garden look green and fresh. Large sandstones or limestones are preferred in the rock garden due to their natural appearance. 

Unusual Herb Garden

Refine your garden with unusual herbs. You can plant curry herb that smells and tastes like curry, just like the name says. Mushroom, shiso (perilla), and hyssop are some of the trending unusual herbs of 2021 that you can plant in your garden space. 

Container Garden

Container gardening is a popular gardening style for apartment gardens. This garden style is mainly seen in the cities; however, even suburban house owners, who have plenty of gardening areas, love to put the container in their decks, stoops, stairways, or even in their parking spaces, etc.  Container gardening offers the freedom to garden wherever you want to. You can carry them with you wherever you want to. Hanging containers for the garden area is in a trend today, too. 

Raised Bed Garden 

Raised bed gardens are garden lovers’ favorite garden style. These are the gardens that are built on a raised bed above the ground level. Raised bed gardens are not only effective and practical, but they are eye-catchy too. They can be easily built in less space. Not many of you know that the narrow raised beds are the perfect solution for growing vegetables on the balcony or on a terrace. 

You can get a custom raised bed or can purchase a standard one. 

Water Garden

Water gardens embrace the aesthetics of your home. They can be built indoors or outdoors too. But they need to be closed during the winters to avoid freezing temperatures. Water gardens have a waterfall or a fountain usually surrounded by flowers, stone, and plants. 

Water gardens require maintenance. You need to clean them regularly so as to avoid algae and other unwanted plant growth in the garden space. 

Garden Office

A garden office is a great idea to bring a change in the mundane lifestyle of those working from homes 24*7 for more than a year.  Having a shed area with proper work-from-home facility is the best way to refresh the mood while working and give your garden space a new look and feel.  Prefab Metal Buildings are the best option for garden office sheds.

Do not think twice; if you have been working from home since 2020, you need a change, and a garden office will definitely give you that. 

Balcony Garden

Not having a garden has never been a reason for any garden lover to stop gardening. Balcony space proves to be a great garden. With container gardening, hanging plants, trailing tendrils, balcony gardening has become a new trend. It is a mini garden with lots of greenery.

Vertical Garden

Bringing more greens to the cities was the idea that led to the inception of vertical gardens. In developed cities, where there is a lack of space in the apartments, fewer plants and trees are seen visually, vertical gardening is the solution. It is the style where plants are planted vertically. A vertical garden is perfect if you want to do gardening on a home wall or on a balcony and save a lot of horizontal space. 

Fairy Garden

Children love fairy gardens. These gardens are whimsical, attractive, and perfect for introducing the garden concept to the kids. These are gaining popularity day by day due to their aesthetics and appeal. It is fun to make a fairy garden. These are made in massive pots with various flowers, shrubs, plants, and fairy figurines. 

Cottage Garden

Is there any reason to escape to the country? Yes, the cottage gardens are. These gardens are made with cottage-inspired plants and flowers that make them an ideal garden space to enjoy. 

With their appeal and aesthetics, these gardens are getting popular day by day. 

Aquaponic Garden 

Aquaponic gardens are a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. 

They involve simultaneous cultivation of crops and the breeding of fishes in certain pools. This gardening style is already in practice in many German cities. It is a trend that will go a long way in 2021.  

Tiny Gardens

Gardening can be done in tiny spaces too. The tiny gardens are a small yet effective representation of the gardening styles of 2021. They maximize the space you have, regardless of how small it is.  

So, if you are dropping your gardening plan just because of space, then you might want to consider this option. 

Gertrude Jekyll has said, ‘The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies’

Gardening is an excellent way to beautify your home’s outdoor space. In addition, gardening is like a calming therapy. It calms you down and helps reduce anxiety and depression. 

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If you are already a garden lover, then gardening is the best hobby. Not even thinking twice, you can indulge in gardening and beautify your space. There are multiple ways to style your garden. You can choose any garden style you want as per your need. 

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