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10 Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don’t you hate seeing a colleague or a friend sporting serious makeup mistakes? Those rearview mirrors can be unforgiving too. Don’t be the victim of a makeup faux pas–avoid these ten ugly makeup mistakes. You can master the makeup brush and your favorite products with just a little practice and finesse.

1. The Dynamic Duo: Concealer and Foundation

Which comes first, the concealer or the foundation? That’s a question many women get stumped on. A little Internet research can leave you even more confused, right? The key to a good application of concealer and foundation is to start with moisturized skin. If you have red spots or discoloration, tap the area with yellow or olive concealer. Allow it to dry and then apply your foundation. For stubborn blemishes or for scar coverage, finish with a skin tone concealer and apply it lightly. That’s it!

2. Oops! That’s the Wrong Color

Skin tones tend to change but unfortunately, most foundation makeups aren’t “smart.” Once you lose your browner, summer skin, swap out the makeup. Pretending skin tones haven’t changed isn’t a good strategy. Always remember to test new makeup shades on the inside of your arm, not the top of your hand. A color match along the jaw works great too!

3. Avoid the White Rings

Celebrities might get away with the excessive concealer but you won’t! Avoid the reverse raccoon eyes that come from wearing too much concealer. If you need or want serious coverage that’s great, but do pick concealer that matches your skin tones. Don’t get heavy-handed with the white stick.

4. Too Much Frosting

A touch of frosted eyeshadow on your eyelids, right under the brow lifts the eyes, even making them look larger. However, too much of a good thing is, well, plain bad. If you have drooping or naturally puffy eyelids, don’t apply the shimmer to your lower lids. Use frosted eyeshadow minimally, at the inside corners of the eyes instead. In this case, too much frosting is only good on a cupcake.

5. Harsh, Ugly Eyeliner

Kohl black eyeliner has a place in your makeup wardrobe but if you go too heavy, you’ll make your eyes look squinty and small. Unless you’re headed to an 80s party, don’t circle your entire eye with thick, kohl eyeliner. Try a colored eyeliner on the bottom and wear black eyeliner on the top!

6. Impossibly Dry Skin

Even if you enjoy wearing a heavy layer of makeup, dry skin can’t be hidden. Always begin the day with clean, moisturized skin. Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip the moisturizer. Oil-free moisturizers work beautifully, adding moisture without the oil.

7. Unloved Eyebrows

Eyebrows do make a difference! You must find the perfect balance between plucking and penciling. Invest in your eyebrows, visit a cosmetologist or a salon for a smooth brow waxing.

8. Wearing the Wrong Lip Liner

If you aren’t sure which lip liner to wear, you can’t miss with a neutral liner. Dark liner over light lipstick looks bad but skipping the liner isn’t good either. For goodness sake, don’t wear black eyeliner on your lips. It won’t stay in place and it will make your lips look small.

9. Smooth Makeup Lines

You don’t want your makeup application to look like a mask. Don’t forget to blend your makeup at the jaw and hairline. Invest in sponges and blend away!

10. Mascara Marks

You can’t avoid the wayward mascara marks and smudges completely, but you can limit them. Try tilting your head back and use a magnifying mirror to get the best makeup application cover. Check for mascara marks and cover them with a light touch of concealer.

Makeup can do much to improve your self-confidence but if you wear it the wrong way, it can actually take away from your appearance. Remember, that less is more!

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